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    for sale-'05 bcdp ryan braun auto and c.j. henry auto ref /500

    for fale make offer
    '05 bcdp ryan braun auto bv $40 for sale
    '05 bcdp c.j. henry auto refractor /500 bv$45 fs
    '05 bcdp steven johnson refractor fs- $3
    '05 bcdp javier herrera refractor bv $10
    '05 bcdp ryan mount refractor bv $10
    '05 bcdp yunel escobar chrome bv$4
    '05 bcdp italiano chrome bv$2.50
    '05 bcdp jimmy shull bv $1.50

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    If you are interested in a Randy johnson patch we could possibly do a card/cash deal for the henry also. LMK

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    sob bruizer- thank you for the response, I can do the braun auto for $25 dlvd or the braun and c.j henry auto ref /500 for $50 dlvd.
    not really interested in the johnson patch

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    $25 is fine if you do paypal. If you do, go ahead and post the trade and I will pay you when it is posted. thanks and LMK

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    pay pay is fine . trade is posted.
    paypal id is:
    thank you

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