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Thread: Possible fakes take a look

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    Possible fakes take a look

    I was browsing and though I may be wrong, this person seems to have a lot of very high serially numbered cards that just so happen to have very nice looking patches in them. I have been reading about this practice and have read, not to my surprise that patch fakers target the not so great players in the NHL that have patch cards and replace the original one color patch with a multi color piece. One way I think it is very obvious is to look at the window in on the card. I think that you can see, on several of these cards, that the window looks as if it has been dinged, or roughed up. Even on the 11-12 The Cup Gretzky base patch variation /10 the window looks like there was tampering. It could just be the way the card was scanned, though I would be very cautious. There are several other cards that this person is selling that raise a red flag also.

    Go to a7b247338. Take a look at some of the higher serially numbered cards and their patches. Then use the useful eBay tool, which allows you to zoom in on the card when you hover over the image and look at the window. On some of these cards the window definitely looks like it was tampered with. I could be totally wrong here but would like to see if anyone else thinks something is off about this. How does one guy have all these low end cards with high serial numbers yet sweet looking patches in them? I don't know just doesn't make sense to me so I want to know what you might think!

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    ur wrong , i know this member and he busts lots of wax and also sells tons of cards, he is a member on here and is very trustworthy guy , thanx

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    That poster breaks cases and cases of this stuff.

    For your information, that Patch Window has not been tampered with.

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    I've dealt with this guy a few times, and met him in person. Nothing but a class act, and no way these are fakes.
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