Shipping is a flat 2.00 priority Mailer W/DC for Magic cards

Just popped a few boxes of cards,tossing a couple up.
1 Ascension and 1 M13 and a fatpack of Ravnica
Using a sports card grading scale
All of these listed are 9.5 hands down.
I open my packs with scissors, no ripping and pulling.

Huntsmaster of the Fells 26.00
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad 22.00
Predator Ooze 4.00, 2 for 7.00
Grave Crawler 8.00
Hellrider 7.00
Drogskol Reaver 8.00
Omniscience 4.00
Liliana of the dark realms 8.00
Rhox Faithmender 3.00
Krenko,Mob Boss 2.00
Sunpetal Grove 3.50
Drowned Catacomb 3.00
Rootbound Crag 3.00
Thragtust 16.00
Gilded Lotus 2.00
Master of the Pearl Trident 2.00
Strangleroot Geist 3/2.00
Lingering Souls 4/6.00
Immerwolf 3/1.50
Grim Flowering 4/1.50
Drogskol Captain 3/1.00
Diregraf Captain 3/1.00
Stromkirk Captain 3/1.50
Knight of Glory 2/2.00
Knight of Infamy 2/1.00
Rancor 2/3.00
Reliquary Tower 2/1.50
Tormod's Crypt 2/2.00
Vampire Nighthawk 2/1.00

120 total Pokemon Shadowless Creature Cards

Errors( Just looked these up ,not sure if it even makes a difference)
2 Red Cheek Pikachu
1 Monster Ball Voltorb
2 Vulpix HP 50
3 Sandshew THIS attack
4 Metapod HP 70
2 Catterpie HP 40
1 Bulbasaur Length/Length
1 Kakuna Length/Length

1 of some cards, 4 of others.

Earliest card in this pile is Beedril
Most seem to be Uncommon and common with a few rares according to the website I looked at

I see 7 cards that appear to have MINOR play damage,the rest would be nearly pack pulled in appearance

12 cards are Shadowless with the 1st edition stamp

43 Shadowless Pokemon trainer Cards Numbered from 70-95
( 9 cards missing for 1 full run)
5 are Shadowless with the 1st edition stamp

190 Shadowless Energy ( Whuptie...)

123 Jungle Pokemon cards
31 are Stamped 1st edition
1 is a Pikachu Gold stamped promo with a W on the front.
Earliest card I can see is Clefable

Most to be Uncommon and common with a few rares according to the website I looked at


180.00 dlvd for the lot
Priority Flat rate w/ DC