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    Post darko milicic and arroyo to orlando for 1st rd DP and kelvin cato

    about time detroit decided to dump this loser!!!! i always thought and knew this guy would be the next yinka dare...... i guess they cant complain on what they can get for him now.....they are trying to free up cap space with cato coming to detroit so they can resign billups and big ben next year

    tell me your thoughts

  2. Kronozio
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    Now Orlando can trade Francis to the Knicks for Marbury. And neither trade will make a dime's worth of difference for any of the three teams involved. : )

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    I wouldn't deem Darko a bum until he actually plays. Hard to see any time on the floor with the Pistons squad. Don't be surprised if Howard and Milicic are a dominant combination. I wouldn't expect anything big from Darko but give the kid a chance.

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    Darko is leaving nooooo, i love when u go the games and the pistons are destroying and everyone chants DARKO DARKO DARKO now what MAXWEll MAXWELLL

    owe well


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    Darko is really no lose but Arroyo is a void that will be hard to fix.Whoever comes to Detroit will become a better player then where they came from.Ben Wallce was a nobody in Orlando and when Pistons traded Grant Hill for Wallace the city was pissed,now look at both players 5 yrs later...

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    carlos is too much of a showboat......yeah he makes a few good plays, but he turns the ball over too much...i actually like that this might help jason maxiell get more playing time.....cato also is a really big man to help with shaq in the playoffs, if detroit can make it.......

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    i think darko may do much better in orlando... as bonds mentioned.. he hasnt had a chance yet
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    All foreign players, especially tall white guys, have taken atleast 3 years to develop. Darko still can be a good player, if not a star, in the NBA
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    What about Pau Gasol? He was productive right away his rookie year and won the Rookie of the Year award IIRC.

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    pau gasol was also 22 or 23 when joining the league where darko was 18 (i believe)... he had also played a few full seasons in Spain... Darko has only played about 30 games professionally before entering the NBA and most were junior championship games where (for some reason) the coach refused to play him. Pau also joined a team where he could stewp in and play but not too many rookies would overtake Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince.
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