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Thread: Anyone collect McGrady

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    Anyone collect McGrady

    have an 04-05 Luxury Box Signs Of Luxury Tier Reserved Auto #d/75 BV is $90 looking for baseball if you have it in returnthanks

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    there are no tmac collectors out here????

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    all star i likd these

    2005 UD MLB Artifacts Dual Jersey Autographs Ben Sheets/Brad Penny /10
    2005 Topps Pack Ward Carlos Beltran Auto

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    i'm looking for more than $90 for the dual auto /10, what can yuo add??

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    the dual auto according to the beckett chart guides at $48 ($40 with a $20 percent premium) sorry ill pass then thanks

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    card has been traded thanks for the offers

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    it was unpriced due to scarcity in beckett, where did u see the BV??

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    if you go to the back of the beckett and use the chart, sheets is a minor star, penny is a common, so you go with the higher priced guy and its an auto #d 10-19 so the base bv is $40, i used the 20 % multiplier on it cause it was a dual auto game used which gave me $48

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