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    130 incoming thursday for Gabbert/ Shorts/ Blackmon autos

    Anyone have any? scans and prices please

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    ive got a draft rights shorts auto #d to i think 599 or somethign and a rising rookies auto #d to something like 280 or somethign i could do both for $10 dlvd. also have gabbert contenders $25, gabbert gridiron gear pullout $20, gabbert prestige draft logo auto $20, gabbert precision black gold ink auto /50 $30
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    Collecting autos of: Courtney Roby - Colts/Packers Autos & GU

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    Collect Braves, Cowboys and UVA Alums or anything that catches my eye.
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    my cash values for trading come straight from eBay avg sales in last 30 days.

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    I have a Gabbert Leaf Limited patch/auto in my bucket. PM ME if interested. Thanks! -Ken
    My High End (player folders to the side): Hidden Content

    Wants:P.Manning/Luck/M.Cabrera/Pujols/Kris Bryant/Trout/Lebron/MJ/Kobe, Denver Teams & HOF HIGH END.

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