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    Exclamation FS - 08 Matt Ryan Topps Chrome Superfractor /10 Auto RC

    Just listed this on eBay, but thought id throw it on here too. PM me offers, will not respond to low balls. I have no idea what Im looking to get for this, so please dont ask.



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    you wont respond to lowballs..... yet you have no idea what you are looking to get on it so please dont ask? Not sure I even understand this, how can there be a lowball offer if you have no ballpark in mind?

    nice item anyway, if you ever get an idea of what you need let me know
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    1. Main player wants- P. Manning/R. Moss/L. Tomlinson/D. Brees/M. Faulk
    2. If you ask for prices and don't reply with an answer I will not be replying to your "price" questions anymore. If not interested a simple no will do.

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    I agree - sorry for the miscommunication. I was at work and typed it up fast.

    By lowball I mean people deliberately offering a price that isn't even worth considering. For example, the $250 offer I recieved earlier today. Considering I see a gold and orange refractor going in the 500 range, I'd be making that my floor on offers - still expecting to get a bit more due to rarity and condition.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you are still interested.


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