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    Trading for my many set needs 1992-2012 Mayo, Magic, Chrome, Turkey Red, and more.

    I am looking to trade for a lot of my set needs. I've tried unsuccessfully using my want list in Inventory Manager, so let's give this a shot. Mostly Low-mid type sets here and I know there's stuff out there. I am including links to my set needs in the set building forum. I hope you will look if you think you can help, it just gets out of control if I have to try and update three or four different threads for each set. Check my bucket, and my inventory here, as I am moving toward that as well. This is just the set needs I have gotten up and in my inventory want list. There will be more to come and, yes, I know I will never finish these. lol Thanks in advance for any help. Pm or reply here if you have anything.

    1992 Topps Gold
    1993 Topps Gold
    1994 Finest Refractors-have none, get me started
    1996 Topps Chrome Refractors
    1997 Topps Chrome Refractors
    1998 Topps Chrome Refractors-have none, get me started
    1999 Donruss Gridiron Kings
    1999 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2000 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2001 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2002 Topps Heritage Retrofractors
    2002-Present Topps and Topps Chrome Ring of Honor
    2003 Topps Chrome Black Refractors-have none, get me started
    2004 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2005 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2005 Turkey Red-all color borders
    2006 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2006 Turkey Red-all color borders
    2007 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2008 SP Authentic Retail Pro Bowl Performers
    2008 Topps Chrome-base, xfractors, almost all color refractors
    2008 Topps Mayo-base, all minis and variation minis
    2009 Donruss Threads Gridiron Kings-College and Pro
    2009 Score 1989 Retro Rookies
    2009 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2009 Topps Mayo-base, all minis and variation minis
    2009 Topps Magic-base, inserts all minis and variation minis
    2010 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2010 Topps Magic-base, inserts, all minis and variation minis
    2011 Topps Chrome Refractors
    2011 Topps Magic-have none get, me started
    2011 Topps 1950 Bowman
    2012 Topps 1965 Tallboys inserts
    2012 Topps Magic-base, inserts, all minis and variation minis

    Stay tuned more to come. If you happen to just be browsing my FT stuff, I am also interested in retired Cleveland Browns players cards, Andre Johnson, Deion Sanders, James Lofton, Andre Rison, Percy Harvin, Larry Fitzgerald, Rod Woodson, Isaac Bruce, Irving Fryar, Randy Moss
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    I have some stuff for ya... let me gather it all up.
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
    LF Good Stuff of: MIGGY, R. Wilson, Peyton, Durant, R. Westbrook, LeBron, Jordan, Kobe,
    Curry, Chipper, Trout, Harper
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    Hey, CMB for the 2010 Magic Minis..I have tons of them!
    PC: Oklahoma State Cowboys Football & Basketball | Flickr: Hidden Content
    Main Wants: Emmanuel Ogbah, Brandon Pettigrew, Tatum Bell, Brandon Weeden, Justin Gilbert, Josh Cooper

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    i could use these:

    Gore Icons Die Cut

    Johnson SPx Radiance

    please check my tradelist for them, thank you.

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    i have these 2012 tall boy ..looking for frank gore, patrick willis, and 49ers...lmk thanks

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    Hey!! Sorry Don't Have Any Of Your Sets Needs BUT Do Have These Card's Of A Couple Player's Ya Collect.

    '03 Press Pass "Big Numbers" #BN13 Andre Johnson DIE-CUT

    '05 Topps Heritage "FoilBoard" #THC80 Andre Johnson

    '08 SP Authentic "Pro Bowl" #PBP-3 Andre Johnson

    '08 Score Select "The Franchise" Ser#349/999 #F-21 Andre Johnson

    '09 Topps Unique Ser#793/799 #90 Andre Johnson

    '09 Topps National Chicle "Stars Of The Gridiron" #SG-2 Andre Johnson

    '09 UD Draft Edition "Draft History" #185 Andre Johnson

    '09 Prestige "Prestigous Pros" GU Jsy Ser#037/100 #3 Andre Johnson

    '10 Epix Holo Ser#168/250 #38 Andre Johsnon

    '10 Topps "All-Pro" #78 Andre Johnson

    '10 Prestige "True Colors" #9 Andre Johnson

    '10 Absolute Mem. "Absolute Hereos" 3 Clr Patch Ser#26/50 #1 Andre Johnson

    '11 Prestige "Stars Of The NFL" 3 Clr Patch Ser#03/50 #3 Andre Johnson

    '11 Topps Platinum Holo DIE-CUT #PDC-AJ Andre Johnson

    '12 Prestige "Extra Points" (Gold) #75 Andre Johnson

    '12 Prestige "Stars Of The NFL" #15 Andre Johnson

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0783/2012 #20 Andre Johnson

    '12 Topps Finest #23 Andre Johnson

    '12 Topps Camo Ser#170/399 #150 Larry Fitzgerald

    '12 Prestige "Extra Points" (Green) Ser#09/25 #1 Larry Fitzgerald

    '12 Prestige "League Leaders" #10 Victor Cruz/Larry Fitzgerald

    '11 Certified Holo Ser#21/25 #2 Larry Fitzgerald

    '11 Topps "Toppstown" #TT-33 Larry Fitzgerald

    '11 Topps Prime "Prime Veterans" #PV_LF Larry Fitzgerald

    '11 Topps Legends #142 Larry Fitzgerald

    '11 Crown Royal "Kings Of The NFL" 2 Clr Patch Ser#11/50 #5 Larry Fitzgerald

    '10 Gridiron Gear 5 Piece Patch Prime Ser#18/30 #2 Larry Fitzgerald
    (Either Piece Of His Name Or His Number)

    '10 Epix Holo (Green) "Moment" #16 Larry Fitzgerald

    '10 Prestige "True Colors" #2 Larry Fitzgerald

    '09 R&S Longevity (Green) 3 Clr Patch Ser#14/50 #2 Larry Fitzgerald

    '09 Threads "Century Stars" #10 Larry Fitzgerald

    '09 Topps National Chicle Mini Bronze #C80 Larry Fitzgerald

    '09 Topps National Chicle "Stars Of The Gridiron" #SG-9 Larry Fitzgerald

    '08 Leaf Certified Materials "Fabric Of The Game" Triple GU Jsy's Red/White/White (NFL) Ser#05/50 #FOG-17 Larry Fitzgerald

    '06 Topps "All-Pro" #307 Larry Fitzgerald

    '06 Topps Total "Award Winners" #AW18 Larry Fitzgerald

    '06 Fleer Ultra "Ultra Achievements" #UA-LF Larry Fitzgerald

    '06 Fleer "Stretching The Field" #SF-LF Larry Fitzgerald

    '06 Prestige "Stars Of The NFL" #NFL-20 Larry Fitzgerald

    '06 Topps Total "SI For Kids" #SI19 Larry Fitzgerald

    '05 Topps Bazooka Gold Chuck #11 Larry Fitzgerald (Thick Card)

    '04 Press Pass "PayDirt" #PD11 Larry Fitzgerald

    '04 Topps #360 Larry Fitzgerald RC

    '04 Fleer Tradition "Signing Day" #2SD Larry Fitzgerald

    '04 Skybox Limited Edition "Sky's The Limit" #13SL Larry Fitzgerald

    Thanks, John

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    Everyone PM'ed. Still looking for lots of stuff.

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    i have these 09 mayo

    i have these sp's

    wanted: Baseball rookies, football rookies, basketball rookies, and any Michael Jordan, Joe Montana 1981-1987, Walter Payton 1976-1987, Current Indians, Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger
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    Due to the success of this thread I have added another set. Thanks for all the help guys and check back I have some more set needs I haven't brought to this site yet. Also have added more cards to the inventory and trying to move away from photobucket. Thanks again


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