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    Wanted: Todd Helton GU cards....

    I would like to trade someone for a gu todd helton card, LMK what you have.... and tell me what you want in return, sorry, I dont have a tradelist yet....


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    I have a todd helton g/u...check my site under current g/u and auto's for trade...LMK

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    Jason...I have a 2003 Fleer Genuine"Genuine Article" Todd Helton 2 color jersey just pulled yesterday. I am looking for other GU. LMK what you have. Thanks.....Dan

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    Hey, thanks for the offers.....

    Cjeter02- -2003 Donruss Champions Statistical Champs Materials Todd Helton Jsy #'ed to 250 Bv$25 ( Incoming ). When do you think you will be getting that?? Id be interested. says its only worth $15, but it might be wrong, lmk what you want for it....

    Dunndeal- I'd be interested in this card, do you know the bv??

    thanks, lmk...


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    Yea I think your right about the bv...I am thinking that I am getting it tomorrow....LMK what you have to trade...looking for other g/u or cheap auto's....thanx

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    Jason...I have no idea. I tried to look it up on Beckett on line and nothing came up. I think it is to new yet. LMK what you have to offer and if you want we can wait until it books. Thanks....Dan

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    I have a:
    2002 UD BatAround Helton/Green/Wilson/B.Giles $25.00 that I might be willing to trade. I am looking for Cardinals gu and pretty much any autos.

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    thanks again everyone...

    Cjeter02- I will trade you a 2001 pacific private stock game worn jersey of albert connell(bv$12) and a 1989 topps traded randy johnson rc, #57T (bv$2.50) for your 2003 Donruss Champions Statistical Champs Materials Todd Helton Jsy #'ed to 250 Bv$15.. LMK!!!

    Dunndeal- We can wait it out....

    cardinalfan15- I dont have any gu cards of the cardinals, or very many autos that book higher than a few bucks, is there anything else you would want??


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    Nope, that is ok, I have some else interested in the cards anyway.

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