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Thread: autocollectr79 IP success

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    autocollectr79 IP success

    shouldve done this thread awhile ago...

    Went to Dayton Funny Bone and got Ralphie May:

    signed dvd and dvd case
    4/4- 8x10s
    autograph book
    and pic with that ill be going back to get signed tomorrow

    next up:

    Rockies in Cincy this weekend

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    HOF wkend just finished up.went up thurs and got back tonite .between browns camp,cowboys hotel and HOFers hotel and HOF dinner heres what i came back with:

    Browns camp and hotel:

    josh cribbs mini helmet,logo ball
    robiskie,massaqoui,veikune,hill logo ball was all i got here because it stormed

    cleveland airport:

    HOFers: calvin williams,lenny moore,paul krause,bruce smith,willie brown,tom mack,bob lilly,larry wilson - white sheets

    Former Dallas Cowboy: Jay Novacek

    HOFer hotel: Franco Harris,larry wilson,jack youngblood,raymond berry,joe gibbs,dan rooney,paul krause and couple others i cant read or remember

    Dallas hotel: Marion Barber - Mini helmet,Dallas logo ball
    Jason Witten,Roy williams,Felix Jones,andre gurode,sean lissmore,brandon sharpe,orlando scandrick, phil costa - white panel ball. coulda done alot better but missed players by literally seconds.overall a great wkend and cant wait to go back next year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose35fannyy View Post
    Did you see Dez at at all?
    yea he was there.saw him at the HOF and then when he was gettin on the bus to go to the buddy made a sign askin him to get off the bus and sign for the few ppl that were there but he wouldnt

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    When you saw Dez at the hall he wasn't riding around in a golf cart was he? A security guy told us he was driving a HOFer's family member around the hall and people kept yelling Dez and trying to get the guy to sign Cowboys stuff but the guy wasn't even a football player.

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    no he was walkin fine.saw him at the hof and the hotel and he was walking

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    went to Tenn this wkend to the bama/tenn game...went to bamas hotel but theyre pretty strict on asking for graphs but u could walk around inside.saw Saban outside and asked him to sign my bama tattoo on my back and he wouldnt even do that. got tickets from a coach thats family couldnt go.50yd line Row 9 for face value so couldnt pass that up.After the game was standing back by the busses and only got Trent Richardson on a mini.Ingram and McElroy signed for about 10min as soon as they came out but were quickly escorted to the busses by police after that

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    last night got top ohio LB and alabama commit Trey Depriest after a game.he was a class act and would sign anything you wanted him to and very polite saying sir after everything.Alabamas my fav team so it was cool to talk to him about games and his future there.

    8-white sheets

    1-alabama logo ball

    1-alabama mini helmet

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    steelers hotel in cincy 11/8/10

    not many came out but most of the ones that did signed.heres what i got:

    maurkice pouncey
    antonio brown
    dennis dixon
    lawrence timmons
    trei essex
    willie colon
    nick eason
    ramon foster
    keyaron fox
    ryan munday
    antonio brown
    stevenson sylvester
    and one other one that i cant read.
    lamarr woodley sat in a truck for 20min then came out and said he had to go to meetings and didnt sign.
    byron leftwich only signed for 2 little girls
    also got a pic with and 8x10 signed by john gruden

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