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    Broke a box of 05-06 spx scans!

    Yea i broke a box of 05-06 spx with scans in the site on my sig. I would like to get football or sell them...lmk

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    You like Michael Jenkins ya say? Any interest in his Absolute 04 Rc Auto Jersey Ball card /650?

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    Dont like anything like especially, but theres some decent stuff Id have interest in:
    Like the Heap auto, Gore auto kinda, Edwards jsy ball, and most of your patch cards.

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    Can you tell me the BV's on the Edwards Jsy/Ball and the Terrence Murphy Topps 50 Auto...

    I have these for trade

    LCM Mirror Red Jersey Steve McNair BV=15
    Pacific Quad Jerseys Rams--Holt/Warner/Bruce/Faulk (2 HOF'ers!) BV=30

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    the murphy auto is $30, and the edwards doesnt book yet but i guess it should be around $40 or so

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    I can trade the Quad for the Murphy, or the Quad and the McNair for the Edwards, PLMK what you think...

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    And if necessary...I can trade the Quad and the McNair for the Murphy

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    sorry kobe i would have to pass.

    anyone interested in the basketball i had up?

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