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Thread: Need Your Opinion

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    Need Your Opinion

    Hey guys,
    so recently I got a patch/stick of getzlaf on ebay for $20
    Now some of you may know I do not like to spend a lot of money, I am rather cheep. I got the getzlaf for $20, now I thought that was a steal, what do you guys think?

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    I would say you got a good deal. In fact it is such a steal you should sell me your game used of Bulmer for $8. That way you would not feel guilty for paying so little for it.
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    artifacts patches are cheap....they look great but their book values are very modest...bit of a mystery to me

    got your first opinion

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    lol, don't even know if the bulmer is available, anything else you like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HockeyCardMan View Post
    lol, don't even know if the bulmer is available, anything else you like?
    Nothing else.
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    The artifacts stuff is cheap for some reason. Even the low numbered stuff. Its a very good price but Im not sure about a steal. you might have saved $10 or so but nothing major. If it makes you feel better the card wont sell for any less than $20 so youll have a good chance to make a slight profit if thats what you are doing. If its for the PC then its a great deal
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    It's a fair deal in the sense that you probably didn't overpay - and if you are comfortable with it, then that's a bonus.

    I think Artifacts caters to a certain ever-shrinking niche of collectors and supply has simply exceeded demand for the cards in most cases. "Parallel fatigue" or something like it - and that is reflected in the prices.
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    Such transactions are becoming more and more typical, no longer collector's left. It's a nice card for that price.


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