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    Toronto Expo Redemption thoughts?

    For me personally I enjoy going to the Expo to open product and take part in the show redemtion programs. Not sure if anyone else is big into this but I would be curious to hear others thoughts on this years programs.

    Panini-They have been my favorite since they started doing hockey cards. The program is great and lots of nice "hits". This year I might be scaling back as the only redemption boxes are Score and Certified. It is really too bad they are not doing product from late last season also.

    ITG-I used to do this redemption a lot but the last few years I haven't enjoyed it as much. This year could be different as I like Superlative and they are offering 2 redemption cards per box.

    UD-In my opinion by far the worst. I stopped doing this one a few years ago. UD just doesn't get it. The fact you have to wait in line for over a hour to get a priority signings card from a scrub numbered to 75. Not to be totally negative I have seen some really good autos come from it, but just not worth my time.

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    If you are breaking Superlative at our booth, please make sure you say hello.

    I want to get your next post to say that you enjoyed our Redemption Program the best.

    Brian Price

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    last year I did the UD for the first time, went on the sunday at about 1130am and the line was only about 8 people in it so it moved fast

    I had two boxes of UD series one from 11-12 and it was great stuff and my signings were awwesome, they were

    Priority Signings
    Gordie Howe PS-MRH ( in whalers uniform) #2/9!!!!

    I was floored and the men at UD took my photo and here it is

    Priority Signings
    PS-BS Brayden Schenn #24/75

    so I was stoked for sure, my boxes were great , they had the RNH yg and the canvas also!!

    anyways look forward to this year going again

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    If I have enough money left by Sunday I may do a Superlative otherwise it is the Forevr Rivals for me.

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    I've done redemptions at all three booths over the years.

    Panini's have been decent. I've never pulled anything great, so I guess that's my issue. With the other two companies you're gaurenteed GU or Auto cards.... with Panini, it's just a bunch of Expo exclusive base cards. Yes, this allows them to have no lines, and it's very quick / easy.... so I have to give them props for that.

    Upper Deck, I'll echo your sentiments. I used to line up like a sucker for those priority signings. Never again. The chances of pulling something big are so slim..... and no, I'm not really complaining about that - that's the reality of the hobby - but lining up for an hour, to get autos of scrub players, meh. No interest in doing this anymore.

    ITG - For my money, they've had the best redemptions at the last few expos. Like Panini, there is (at most) a small line. You don't have to wait very long here, becuase the redemptions run all day.... instead of just certain hours. I know the complaints about some products in the past, where the redemptions were just stamped versions of other memoribilia cards.... but this is MUCH better (IMO) than special base cards. Opening a box of BTP at last spring's expo got you a unique GU card (they made a special issue for the expo, totally different from anything in the product) and was a great program.

    This time around though - not sure that I'll be doing any. Not really into the 'Forever Rivals' (I'm neither a Habs nor a Leafs fan... so the appeal of this product is somewhat limited) and Superlative is a little out of my price rangs. Panini doesn't have any products on the market right now that I'm really jumping with excitment to buy..... and as I already mentioned, I doubt I'll ever stand in that UD line again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bprice View Post
    If you are breaking Superlative at our booth, please make sure you say hello.

    I want to get your next post to say that you enjoyed our Redemption Program the best.

    Brian Price
    Superlative is the only product I'll be breaking this year. From what I've seen it looks to be by far the best option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g-force View Post
    Superlative is the only product I'll be breaking this year. From what I've seen it looks to be by far the best option.
    What is the price of a Superlative box and the Rivals box ?

    Cannot agree more the UD line is a Joke. Sunday is the best day to go for UD. Why you have to open ever pack is beyond me?????
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    Superlative is usually out of my price range, but I've saved up a little extra $, and will crack a box at the ITG booth. Their redemption program is by far the best, IMO. Hope to be lucky enough to get a redemption card of my main PC guy.
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    Although I have waited for a long period of time for the Upper Deck line most of my Priority signings have been good, I don't mind the wait, I would have bought the boxes anyways and the exta Auto is a bonus,

    For me Panini has been crap, never pulled anything worthwhile, I won't be doing them anytime soon.

    ITG has been good to me, there always a fun break, and now with the ITG Land, it's an awsome time.

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    ITG has by far the best redemption program.
    Got terrific cards with my Ultimate Superbox break last spring.
    Looking for Superlative next week!
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