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    Looking for 2005 Bowman Signs of the Future Autos!

    Hey everyone, I really like these cards, and Im gonna go for the set. I currently have:
    Lance Mitchell
    Roddy White
    Alvin Pearman
    Adrian McPherson

    Lemme know what ya got!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i believe I have Alvin Pearman

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    I have that one though, lol. The ones I have listed, are the Ones I do have. Lol.

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    Well, If you find any others, lemme know, Lol.

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    pm tcu95 i just traded him the roscoe parrish and i think he will be open for a trade...
    (just trying to help)

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    Hey Fly, if you have the Parrish, I can use it. Also like these:
    Terrence Murphy 2005 Leaf Limited Auto/2 clr Patch Rc /100
    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Warren Moon Mirror White Auto /50 (minnesota uni by any chance?)
    Fran Tarkenton gridiron gear 3 color probowl patch /100

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    Sweet, Will do if I cant work something out with Fly. Thanks for the help.

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    oh he was posting while i was so his came out before i saw it sorry

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