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    Hope everyone managed to stay safe from Sandy

    Hi all!!! I hope everyone weathered Frankenstorm Sandy 2012 well. Personally, I experienced some flooding, high winds, some power outages and brownouts, but all is good for us (we were truly blessed when so many around us suffered so much). It has been so sad seeing the devestation to so many great areas that I have enjoyed since my childhood all along the coast of New Jersey. Words cannot describe some of what I have seen all along the NJ coastline and NYC.

    Hearing so much about New York and what has happened there as well (besides the power outages, flooded subways, etc.). Nearly 100 homes burnt completely to the ground. Nothing to be seen for blocks but standing brick chimneys, concrete steps and little else. For those that may not know it, the Breezy Point section of Queens is a neighborhood made up of mostly NYPD & NYFD families. It is a great loss to some of the best 'service' people and their families in the city. Prayers to all of them.

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    thanks for updating Les. Glad to hear you got off relatively well in the storm. Unfortunately some of my twitter friends had some bigger issues-one lost their whole house to flooding.

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    Hey there. Here in RI, my family and I had no issues other than some tree limbs in this part of the state. We live north of Providence. However, I have friends and family in South County. That section got hit pretty hard and we didn't catch the full force. There is a place in Naragansett called the Coast guard house (great place to eat and drink while taking in some great views) and they took some major hit. As bad as I feel for the many who did not survive, I am thrilled that it was not such a greater number. Places are destroyed, but we can rebuild and make it like before or even better. My heart goes out to those all affected by this storm. I have a nephew that lives in NJ and took a lot of wind damage, but he is grateful that is all that went bad. Him and his new wife are 2 great people that took this in stride. Stronger than I probably would have been during this.

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    I couldn't believe how windy/rainy it got over here in NW PA. We had 60-65 MPH winds...uprooted quite a few big trees, tons of power is out in the area, and the bayfront got flooded pretty badly. Luckily my area was fairly untouched, aside from the high winds knocking down some larger tree limbs.

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