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    Football Contest! Very nice card

    Very simple. Open to everyone. Contest ends at kickoff of the first games on Sunday morning.

    Obviously it will be a little hard, but I am offering up a nice card for FREE, so why not?

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    Ok what I need to win the contest is this

    Final Score of the Lions @ Jaguars game
    Lions Top yardage WR
    Jags Top yardage WR

    If you nail these 3 on the head you win the card. If multiple winners, first post gets it. I do NOT need the yards of the WR, just the names
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    nice jason nice!!!

    ill go with the following:

    lions 24 jags 17
    lions leader CALVIN JOHNSON
    jags leader JUSTIN BLACKMON

    thanks buddy!
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    Great contest!! Here is my guess.

    Lions: 28 Jags:10
    Lions WR: Calvin Johnson
    Jags WR: Justin Blackmon
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    mark Sanchez cards are selling for near dirt these days it's terrible. Trust me I super collect him! I'll be interested in buying it within the next week or two if no one wins it here. I saww your sale thread.

    My guess:
    Lions 31 Jags 13Lions leading receiver in yards: Titus young
    Jags leading receiver in yards: Cecil shorts III
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    Lions 35 Jags 21
    Det: Calvin Johnson Jr.
    Jac: Cecil Shorts III
    E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!

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    Lions 20 - Jags 23
    Lions Leading Receiver - Brandon Pettigrew
    Jaguars Leading Receiver - Cecil Shorts

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    Jaguars 28-21
    Lions WR: Titus Young
    Jaguars WR: Justin Blackmon
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    Lions 24 Jags 13

    Det: Calvin Johnson
    Jac: Justin Blackmon

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    Lions 27 Jags 13

    Calvin Johnson
    Marcedes Lewis

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    Lions - 45
    Jags - 13

    Lions receiver - Calvin Johnson
    Jags receiver - Justin Blackmon
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