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Thread: Under-24 Olympics?

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    Under-24 Olympics?

    Hello! You’re in THN’s mailbag zone. As such, I hope you’re prepared to either ask me a question, or read my answers to a selection of questions submitted to me. If not, get out now, while there’s still time!

    Still here? OK, let’s get to it.

    Adam, what do you think about hockey adopting soccer's age restrictions for Olympic participation (i.e. limiting participation to players aged 23 and younger)? It would reduce the burden on elite players to at most two Olympic tournaments and give veterans a mid-season break.
    Jeff Wills, Sioux Lookout, Ont.


    Yours is a very interesting proposition and one that would hold much appeal for people who want to see the Olympics return to its amateur athletics roots. But I doubt it happens for a couple of reasons.
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    The NBA players would all have a hissy-fit like the the one Kobe already had

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