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    Great Collection, Love the dual patches with Rodman!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjobe85 View Post
    Very nice Andreas. Got a question for you. You might know and might not but had to ask. On the 06-07 Chronology Letterman Cards there is suppose to be a Redick Letterman un autographed version but I have never seen one and in beckett it says there is one but the value is blank and says the card wasnt given out in packs. Have you ever seen one of the Redick letterman cards?

    hey man hopefully this helps.

    I collect Adam Morrison and he signed with TOPPS and had no UD stuff signed. I have 2 06/07 Chronology Letterman Morrison cards and they are also on Bekett as blank. so i assume that Redick was also Topps Exclusive. I have only seen 3 Letterman Cards TOTAL on ebay since 09 for morrison.

    good luck .

    ALSO Insane WIlliams Collection. JESUS. as a fellow 06/07 rookie collector i have so far to go.

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