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    Exclamation everything must go!! i need eric sheltons and adrian mcphersons only!

    i am selling or tradeing everything!!! except my sheltons and mcphersons and my jordan rookie. so check out my photo bucket and lmk what your interrested in. i have these also that are not in my photobucket.

    -chris bosh/ rafael araujo 04'-05' spx dual jersey winning combos
    -vince carter ud ovation rookie
    -vince carter topps rookie
    -kobe bryant bowmans best rookie
    -matt schaub topps finest rookie auto/ refractor 181/199- its in photobucket
    -ronnie brown playoff prestige rookie xtra points 10/100
    -steven jackson 05' sweet spot auto 12/50

    so check the raptors and PC section in my photobucket and lets deal

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    How much is the Bosh dual? Also, did you recieve the pack I sent back?

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    yes i did i will send out you new pack on tuesday. i dont have time to go and send out today and the post office is closed on monday. but anyways i will take $8 dlvd for the bosh dual

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    Ill pass on that. Thats probably near book.

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    no it books for $15 so i was thinking half book + shipping costs

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    The Bosh/Arroyo books $15.

    What do you need on the Schaub and the Steven Jackson, Shawn?

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    ehh....a little pricey for me at this time. Thanks, though. I don't suppose we could work out something with the McPherson I have on my page? I also have a Shelton jersey there too.

    What are you looking for $$-wise on the Shaub alone?

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