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    Talking hernandez/duke auto rookies for paypal..

    hello, since i got an overwhelming responce on what should i do keep them or sell them..( i got 1 whole responce WOW!!!! tough crowd) i decided to sell them i have a 04 felix hernandez bowman chrome auto rookie (mint)!!!!
    and also a 04 bowmans best zach duke auto rookie..i would take paypal..i don't have a set price so whatever offers i get i will look at..obviuosly i will ship first..since i am new i have to take that chance..and also if there is anything else in my trade sight you might see lmk..thanks for looking :new_rainb

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    oh well i guesse my cards aren't all that i thought they would be a good start...anyway to all who at least looked thanks...........

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    just want a fair offer..the hernandez will bv for $200 by next beckett issue and the duke is solid at bv$60 right now..i am not asking for a rediculous price..just what's fair..the duke i pulled but the hernadez i bought.. but i do want to sell the pair..lmk

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    hey i would also be interested in doing a card and cash deal with teh rip and the felix if your interested

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    thankyou for looking everyone the cards have been sold..agin thanks..

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