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    Sending entire SI magazines to be signed?

    I was thinking about sending an entire SI magazine to somebody so they could sign the cover. Is this a good idea? Would the signature stick, or would it rub off onto the envelope? I don't want to just rip off the cover... How many forever stamps would I need for this? 3 on my outgoing envelope and SASE? I'd just send a normal SI magazine, LOR, and SASE.

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    Four forever stamps should do the trick both ways. SI or SI kids magazine are great items to get autographed.
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    thanks, so the auto will stay on the magazine?

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    Yeah if the ballplayer uses a black or blue sharpie you should be fine.
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    I just sent one and it was around $2.40 there and $2.12 back, so 6 Forever stamps there and 5 back ( I also sent it between 2 file folders, which added a little weight)
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    I haveaton of SI and SI kids covers signed and they are great.I usually just send the cover but you want to get thos plastic page protectors.You can get a box for like $5 in office max or staples.Slide it in mail it out and it should not rub off the sig.
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    yeah i sent out a mike trout SI magazine. I'm hoping to get it back soon
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    I have a ton of signed SIs......all have held up well with Sharpie blue/black. I have also had some done in Silver paint marker. I have never sent any ttm though, all mine are in person. If you want to save a few bucks or don't have the magazine you want to send you can always send a print of the cover which usually doesn't have the mailing label at all.

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    Watch when you are sending out the older ones, too. The Mags from the 80s had a lot more advertising in them, and therefore are heavier. The may cost closer to 3 dollars for shipping.
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    They sell plastic hard protector sleeves for magazines similiar to what you put cards and photos in. Any reputable card shop should carry them.
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