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    Upper Deck previews 2012-13 NHL Black Diamond

    There are still previews for hockey products even though the NHL is still in a lockout. However, how long companies continue to do so remains the question.

    At least Upper Deck is giving hockey fans some hope with its latest preview of 2012-13 Black Diamond.

    In December, Upper Deck has tentatively scheduled to release a 250-base-card set with 24 five-card packs per box along with a bonus pack.

    Black Diamond will feature parallels including a new emerald version (numbered to 10) and sapphire 1-of-1. In addition, Upper Deck states on the sell sheet more than half of the cards will be autographed.

    One box should yield six Double Diamond Veterans, three Triple Diamond Veterans, three Triple Diamond Rookie Gems, one quadruple Diamond Rookie Gems, one Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire parallel and two Black Diamond Jerseys.

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    This product will be a real wild card - it's usually pretty dependent upon rookies due to the tiered/SP system, but the autographs and the subsets are going to have to carry the load this year to deliver value.
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    The championship rings look HORRIBLE. So much wasted space on the top and bottom, they should have stuck with the horizontal versions. I would have liked this set to be like the Panini Private signings set. That is to say the exact same design as last year, just with new players.

    I hope they don't do Patrick Roy as an all time great this year, it would be a shame for my only chance at one to be on an awful looking design.
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    those championship rings make me wanna yak. Last years design were phenomenal, these are ugly, should have never turned them vertical

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    i love the auto, but yeah, everything else really doesn't visually appeal to me
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    I wonder who else got downgraded to a triple diamond this year (Brodeur has always been a quad in the past)
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    I'm not fan of BD and this set looks like black diamond :) Nice auto anyway!


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    To be honest I kind of like the ring designs. But thats just me. It makes them more 3-D!

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    Will the veteran quad diamonds cards be gone?

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    I like the look of the Brodeur. Looking forward to seeing the Auto checklist.
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