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    Largest Cup Mailday from UD Ever... lots of Gretzkys..

    Just received the redemption cards directly from UD, via Fedex today... unbelievable!!! Several of these cards were redeemed over 1 year ago while some were just recently redeemed. I received the gretzky cards from 10-11 (Limited Logos, Emblems, Scripted Swatches) nasty patches on most of them... also received several redemption cards from this year's set as well.

    Big thanks to Joel, Annie, Scott and Kory for several of these cards.

    I will try to scan everything tonight once I get home, but this thread will be insane! stay tuned...

    ok, here it is. let's start with some 2010-11 Cup materials... Emblems of Endorsement, Limited Logos and Scripted Swatches..

    let's now show some new Cup 11-12...

    Nice to finally see a Gretzky in another uniform than in the LA Kings...

    Now a nice Patrick Roy numbered to 3.....

    And finally a nice set to collect... and UD has been pretty generous on the nice patch this time!

    that's it!!
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    Sounds like you got an amazing haul can't wait to see some scans

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    I'm interested as well......Looks like UD did some house cleaning becasue I just got some cards as well and I know quite a few people as well... makes me wonder why it takes so long sometimes.

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    If you have unwanted cards you are looking to purge, please consider a donation to my family's mission in helping to find a cure for Olivia's disorder Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Cards donated will be sold on eBay, COMC or locally in the Buffalo/Niagara area to support the Hidden Content .
    Shipping done on Saturdays for all Addresses
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottkoz20 View Post

    What he^^ said
    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    Umm....Wow....Amazing Gretzky Haul.
    Most Wanted: 1998-99 O-Pee-Chee Chrome Refractor 127 Ulf Samuelsson,
    Hidden Content , Hidden Content , Hidden Content

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    Holy smokes!! Congrats man, when you said a couple weeks ago you were waiting on these, I didn't realize you were waiting on a %#*^load of them, bahahahahahahhaha.

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