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    Box Break: 00/01 Skybox Premium Hobby Box - MAJOR MOJO

    I had a craving for some old wax, so I went with this oddball product. This particular product does not have the rubies that you commonly think of with Skybox Premium.
    24 packs per box.
    I was able to get this box for free on ebay with the ebay gift cards I earned through the iPhone+iPad+iPod app called App Trailers. It's amazing for earning easy card money!! After you download the app, if you go to the Videos Tab and scroll down to "Special Reference Code", you can type in brandonlec (thats brandon L-E-C) and you and I will both get more points for the rewards we want!

    Here are the results:

    Skilled Artists Inserts: Jason Williams (x2), Dirk Nowitzki

    Sole Train Inserts: Marcus Camby, Larry Hughes

    Name Game Insert: Karl Malone

    Rookie Card #rd /1999: Mark Karcher

    Vince Carter 10th Anni-Vince-ry Inserts (Commemorating Skybox's 10th year, I believe): 1990/1991 variation and 1992/1993 variation

    Autographs and Game-Used fall a combined 1:36 in these hobby boxes and so a lot of boxes go hitless.

    I was lucky enough to get this awesome hit:

    Karl Malone Jersey - Definitely one of the nicer jerseys you can get in the set! :)

    And also... there was this hit. I can't even imagine how much this would have been worth back in the day. Any insight is appreciated.

    Anni-Vince-ry Collection Insert!

    I noticed this one's text was silver and refractory as opposed to the regular plain gold text. I flip it over and find this...


    I just recently started collecting star player numbered cards, so this is a HUGE addition to my collection!

    By the way, there are 10 cards in the Anni-Vince-ry Insert Set (one for every year of Skybox's first 10 years).
    Each Anni-Vince-ry insert has a Anno-Vince-ry Collection parallel that's numbered to only 15 copies!

    Thanks for looking!!!
    I also have a hobby box of 02/03 Fleer Authentix incoming thanks to App Trailers, so be on the lookout for that!

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    Sweet hit. Im sure this would still sell for a bit because of its rarity and the VC collectors out there

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    Wow! Nice hit from a old school box!!! I liked the ANNI-VINCE-RY cards and thought about putting together the set once. sweet that you could hit the rare parallel version!! Also congrats on getting a gu when they were actually hard to hit with the older products!!!

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    That's sick! Getting numbered parallels from older sets feels so much more satisfying than getting newer ones IMO

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    awesome hit

    card looks so cool

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    Holy cow!
    You can pull these also as numbered versions? Have to dig out the old inserts and look on the back of each.
    Nice pull! Congrats!

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    That's awesome! Congrats on the sweet hit!

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