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Thread: Updating the TTM database

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    Updating the TTM database

    It seems we are beginning to slack off again with updating the TTM database. We all use it very much and owe it to each other to keep up with entering our successes in the database. I got a success for the first time since I received Mike Trout a couple weeks ago and it will be very helpful for lots of you. Today I received Deron Williams of the Brookyln Nets. I sent it to the Barclays center which is they're new arena.
    Thanks, Dave

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    yeah i kinda noticed that, I really only do hockey "other sports" and "nonsports", but i noticed a lot of the newer ones just say "c/o home" now and don't list an address....very aggravating lol
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    it really is…part of it may be our successes as a whole are slowing down but I think the other part is us getting a little lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by comfortably9numb View Post
    yeah i kinda noticed that, I really only do hockey "other sports" and "nonsports", but i noticed a lot of the newer ones just say "c/o home" now and don't list an address....very aggravating lol
    If you see that in the database, Oxxon or indyreds, needs to know right away so it can be deleted. Its been stated before that The DATABASE was never intended as a tool for mearly showing off a success. Its sole purpose was to be the best FREE address database on the internet. If we even had 70% cooperation with everyone that used it & post in these forums, That database would be the most amazing tool for TTM around i feel. But this is life & people get lazy & put it off, even though they used it to get there address..

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    I'll be the first one to admit laziness. With Grad School, work and everything going on around me, it's hard to update every single success. And when I say hard, my laziness is talking about how i don't take two seconds to update the TTM database. I even tried to prevent this from going on by posting when i sent things in the Outbox so I don't forget. Even then, I still have two items that need to be updated immediately. It helps that I post it in my success forum (100 successes in 2012), but I know that not everybody looks at that. I think posting this forum was the wake up call I needed for two years ago, I was a newbie to the hobby and was asking for help from guys just like me. So if there are any other vets out there doing something similar, let this post convince or persuade you if the others have not. Keep updating, make the site better!

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    I love the database. I always make sure to update and put all my success in there, with the address of course.

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    Phillyboi90, you are right on with your observation about some people not updating the TTMM. I always try to update it prior to doing other posting on my success thread. However, all you have to do is look through the Success Threads to see how many scans there are posted for successes without any corresponding addys in the TTMM. I guess that's their thing...

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    Dang it. That's me. Got out of the habit, haven't done it since May. I'll put in mine over the next day or two.
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    I love all the feedback guys. Its great to hear were all going to make a better effort to keep this site at its best. Everyone including myself who use the site appreciate it!

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    Yeah i admit to ive been slaking badly ill start updating it to. Thanks for this post phillyboi90.
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