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Thread: 4 Packs of 12-13 Artifacts

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    4 Packs of 12-13 Artifacts

    Hey friendos! I'm still on a giant hiatus due to me saving up for a car/college, although, i decided to get my first 12-13 product.

    Artifacts as always my favorite.

    I got a Sidney Crosby Jsy Card /125 (obviously NFT, PC hit) and a Sharks Rookie Redemption card.

    Also got 2 other Numbered cards which escape my mind right now. I'll update this thread once I get to them.

    So, my first 12-13 product? Couldn't be any better. Scans later.

    Also, condolences to anyone (including myself) caught in Hurricane Sandy.

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    A PC hit from 4 packs is always great. Please recover from sandy.
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