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Thread: trading gu for gu/non-gu need

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    trading gu for gu/non-gu need

    need 2005 topps uh gold need vets more but will also look at others
    2005 topps UH alllstar stitches

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    I have this I might be willing to part with...would be looking for other Sox or Braves GU in return

    2005 Topps Update "All-Star Stitches" Scott Podsednik #SP...Jersey

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    only have one astros gu card and its a rookie auto jsy of carlos hernandez that books 25, so can u add something sox or from my needs or almost any other inserts from 2005 topps uh

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    Well I don't really need that card since I don't collect the Astros

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    im spaced out, why did i think u said 'stros?
    wtvr,my bad
    i have a bruce chen auto...lmk

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    2005 Topps Update Bill Bray Gold #d/2005

    2005 Topps Update Jason Kendall Gold #d/2005

    2005 Topps Update Alex Rodriguez SH Gold #d/2005

    2005 Topps Update Ortiz Teixeira Ramirez LL Gold #d/2005

    2005 Topps Update Bartolo Colon AS Gold #d/2005

    2005 Topps Update Nationals Lineup Team

    2005 Topps Update Nationals Lineup Brad Wilkerson (x2)

    2005 Topps Update Nationals Lineup Christian Guzman

    these interest me, GB

    lmk what u need

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    Quote Originally Posted by aekdb535
    really don't need a bruce chen auto
    ok ill lyk what else i have when i get the chance

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    i collect michael youn paul konerko todd helton plus i need stuff from 2005 bowman heritage and 2005 turkey red

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