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    What exactly did I just get sniped on???

    So I searched for "broncos" and this was tthe first thing that came up...there was 2 minutes left, and being questionable, I just put a 1$ bid on it, and got sniped with 4 seconds left...

    How can an Elway "1/1" go for 1$???? I have seen cards where someone just put fancy cuts into the cards and called them 1/1....???

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    Well, that is a fake I believe. No way its a real.

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    Thats not one of those man made 1/1's is it (like you said the ones with fancy designs)



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    Quote Originally Posted by RayLewKillU52
    Thats not one of those man made 1/1's is it (like you said the ones with fancy designs)



    I guess thats my question...I think it is, which is why the little bid,...and the fact that no one else bidded...

    But seriously...thats bs if that is what it is...

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    looks legit to me... he has very high positive feedback... there has to be something more to it though
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    I don't think you missed out on anything. I can't find anything else about any other Pack Warriors 1/1's. Besides, look at all his other auctions for 1/1 "masterpieces". They look like standard base/inserts.

    If it turns out it was real, well... if you have to miss out on a 1 of a kind Elway once in life, be glad it was from such a crappy brand.

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    it is legit. I have seen many just like it of his and other members. They take a special designed pair of sissors and cuts the corners of the card. It looks kind of real to me though. It is legit

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    well.... it doesn't seem like it could be legit, but ya never know. i bought some collector's edge printing plates (a set of 8) a while ago for like $7 dlvd. i mean, i got a deal, cuz i found somebody who was interested in them and gave me a bunch of stuff for them, but they weren't #'d 1/1 or anything, i just ASSUMED that they were. this seller might have the same assumption. basically, i dunno, but edge put out some crazy cards that were low #'d and unique but worthless... which is why they're no longer with us. haha

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    yea, just like if i take an elway base, and then fold it in a creative way. thats a 1/1 right? =]

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