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    Thumbs down OK...I have just discovered my BIGGEST pet peeve in collecting....

    OK Gang-

    Maybe it's just me, but I would like to think there are many others who understand what I am about to say.........

    How in the world is it that some people are so freakin' stingy?? I am going to put an example below...

    Say someone has a regular issue Prentice card I need (BV of a whole 5 cents) They want to know if I have any Titans to trade, no, I have no Titans, so the response goes : "well sorry, lmk if you get any"


    The card is 5 cents!! Geeze, I would be glad to send an SASE
    for it...nope, no can do.

    OK...maybe I am just a huge moron, but how can folks be so freakin' pathetic?? DO NOT tell me people buy the packs to hoard all the reg issue cards, BS...they buy packs to get that "lucky pull" which is cool if thats what you are into, but it's gonna kill someone to give up a 5 cent card??????????????

    I have seen where people have posted a response like, "hey, I ain't giving nothing up for free, I paid for this stuff"

    How sickening. These are probably the same people that would move their parents in to take care of them, then charge them rent.

    I have a buttload of cards here I have been wanting to get rid of for the longest!! I have posted a few times, but never got a response. Are people just as afraid to accept stuff for free as some are of giving it for free? Do folks think there is a hidden agenda? lol...I'm sorry if that's the case!

    I don't expect people to give their cards out right and left for free. That is not my business to whether folks do so or not, but what chaps my ™™™™™ is the not getting rid of a freakin common someone needs w/o the almighty dollar being involved. Get a life.

    I guess part of this rant is coming from my experience yesterday at a card show (if you could call it that...was like 5 Here is a rundown of my lovely time (sarcasm)

    I asked this guy if he trades, he says depends, so I give him the autographs I brought, he flips thru them, being rough with them (which ticked me off already) and pulled out about 8 cards, and pretended to book them (I say pretend because I knew the BV of each one b4 I went in). He then says "ok theres $35 here" :confuse: I said $35 BV??? He says uhh yeah. I was like " The Guidry is $25 itself" He then says "$35 in trade I mean...the BV is $100" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    I was like no way.....wish you told me sooner, i wouldn't have let you waste my time. He says, "you aren't going to get anyone, dealers or otherwise to trade straight doesn't happen" I told him It may not happen in your world, but it happens in mine daily. He got reaaaaallllly ticked off and threw my cards back on the table and said " can have these (his cards HE decided I should get instead of the ones I asked about) He also kept saying "I'll never be able to get rid of these...blah blah blah...I said "it doesn't look like you are doing too good a job with the ones you have already" (by this time I was feeling like a real byatch!) He says "just tell me which ones to take" I did. Eff him. He walked off w/o saying thanks, kiss my butt, anything....LOL...loser.

    Then there was another dealer there. He had a box of cards for $5 each. I was like "I don't think so" to myself, so i called him over and said "I will save us alot of time, is there any autos in here you will sell for $3 each?" He says "well, I really can't do that..." before he could even finish I picked up my stuff and said, "OK no sweat...thanks" and started off for the doors....I hear "just a sec" I turn around and go back and he says "yeah i can go $3 each on some of these" LOL ....anyways, I picked out 7 cards, then i bought a couple others from his case (Thomson, and Lilly autos) I ended up paying $35 at his table.

    So we leave the show, I had been in RARE form (LOL....Sherry was embarressed so she was off to other places) so we go to eat, then to the card shop there in town. We go in, talk to the guy who works for the owner, and I asked him if he was interested in doing any trading. We traded 10 for 10 in BV's were involved, no BS like "ok I get 10 you get 5" and all that junk. That card shop is great...they don't care about BV really when trading (at least with us). I picked up a Kaline, Groat, and some others I really needed. Great shop, great guys!!!!!!! :D

    Sorry...I didn't think that rant would go into all that...rofl...guess i had to get it out. What do you guys/gals think about stuff like this?? I really want to know :)

    LOL...I am really not as bad as it may sound....but I was already in a mood, and the first idiot at the show just did me in!! :p
    I'm just glad ya'll love me!!!! LOL :D :D :D :D :D


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    LOL! I know what you mean Rima. I guess everyone has their own perogative but sometimes I have a hard time understanding. I'm abolutely shocked at the generosity of many of the members here, including you, and think it makes for a stronger community. Thanks for the quality post. 100 CC.



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    You are absolutely right BlackDiamond with the advent of the price guides and ebay it is very rare to find someone who will just do player for player trades without BV"ing down to the last penny. It is sad. Personallyt if someone needs a common or even an insert or something I usually send it off and say hit me up with something later if you can and if not oh well not a biggie, but it is very rare to find people like that nowadays. I haev coe across a few but it rarely happens anymore.

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  4. Kronozio
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    Here's my rant:

    Ok, I go to a card show or anything and just because I'm not a adult, they ignore me when I want to look at the high dollar cards or anything. I just wanna look at them mostly because there may be a card I want. But when they ignore me then I just leave and they lost some profit.
    Next of all, when I go to a card shop, (except the one I go to a lot), I'm always getting followed. I just wanna look and they follow me and that drives me crazy. What do I have to do to just not get followed? Buy out their entire store? I just get so tired of that.
    Third, like Rima was saying with the card shows, they act like jerks and wont haggle. They need to because they have stupid lowering. Here's my example: The other day I saw a quad bat card that I was going to offer 15 (the card was 25 regularly), and he said he'd go 23. That's not getting a better deal by much. And then after I get 20 bucks worth of stuff, he lowers it 3 more bucks. That got me mad!!! I dont have any cash left and this guy is telling me that he'll lower it even more after i'm broke.
    This just bugs me when all these people at these things are only talking about ebay prices etc. etc. I dont care about ebay prices. I'm only offering so much and they go 20 bucks more!

    If anyone reads this, thanks, this blew off a lot of steam for me.

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    Rima I know EXACTLY what you mean...I have had so many times where I would like a cheap .50 - 1.25 Pujols card that I don't have to increase my collection...well people ask for what they are looking for and sometimes I don't have what they want so they just go and say "forget you I'm not giving away cards for free you scammer" Now tell me when has the world come down to not giving someone a $1.25 card for free if they send SASE. So Rima I know EXACTLY what you are saying....(I found some Prentice cards I will PM you which ons I have)

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    LOL....I hear you!! Too bad we don't live closer to one another...we could get together and REALLY give those jerks
    a run for their money!! :p

    rofl.....sorry to laugh, but he went down to $23???? LOLOLOL
    That just kills me! I understand these people have table fess, and all that, but I did shows for 3 years, I had table fees, and ALWAYS made at least double of what table was.....why??? Because I didn't try to stick it to e1.

    I feel bad for the kids....(tiger...they treat me the same because I am female). There are a number of kids who have a little pocketful of money...allowance has gone up I'm sure from when i was a, more kids work, do alot of stuff for extra $$. This is also a hobby for e1...not just older men!

    When i did the Frank & Sons show in CA, there was a little kid who was the cuuuuuuuuuuuutest little guy!! He was sooooo well mannered, very polite, all that stuff. Every saturday he would show up with $5 his dad would give him for the show (his father was really a nice guy as well). This kid would come right to my table and stand and look for 20 minutes...LOL...we would talk about sports and all that...he was really knowledgable!
    That kid would generally spend $2-$3 each time on cards from me, and I would ALWAYS throw in about $20 of inserts with the cards he bought...he was so cuute!! LOL I even gave him an autograph once (a common of someone from his fav team) You would have thought I just laid a $100 bill on him!! LOL....his father came to the table and tried to give me $$ for it...I told him no way....your sons company is enough! He would start coming in and helping me out (setting up, doing odds and ends for me) and I would always pay him in cards :) I miss those days!!

    You are going to get waaaaaay more customers if you treat them with respect. I had all kinds of regulars when i did shows....why?? Because i love the hobby and it shows in my dealings with others!
    It's cool though, because the jerks will always lose out in the end, be it $$ or respect.

    lol BGray....I appreciate the CC, but It really helped that I could let out some had been bugging me all day yesterday!! :p


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    Yeah if any of the dealers are nice, then they will get more business. Be a jerk and get no business. What would you choose? It should be obvious but they dont think about that.

    By the way, I was thinking the same thing about that. I thought i'd rather trade for the same card on here rather than get it for 2 bucks less.

    Actually, that guy was at shipshewana when I went there last week.

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    RIMA, I agree wit u people can be jerks about cards sometimes, there are a few generous people out there that have hooked me up wit some free bills cards, I praise those people, they are very nice to give up cards... if i ever see ne one needing something and they've done a good deed ill hook em up (engima i hooked him up wit an aiken he needed) so peopel are very selfish sometimes when i comes to cards...

    RIMA WHO IS THIS GUY.... ill send him a fwe titans if he sends u the prentice if u would like...


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    lol billsfan-

    that didn't really happen, it was just a scenario, BUT, I have had this happen with other stuff!! It actually happened a few weeks ago, but I won't go into the details......

    I appreciate your kindness though :D


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    im the total oppisite.... i dont let people give me back cards for the FREE cards i give them like ive been doing for a lot of people for a SASE.... i wish i could help you out but i dont do football........ :(

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