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    Peyton Manning Jersey cards for sale.... 2 of them

    One is upper dek graded, serial numbered to 50..... the other is private stock. I am looking for 7 dlvd for the /50 and 6 for the private stock... or 12 for the pair. Prices are paypal gift and dlvd, if you want good then please add the 70 cent fee. Book value is 30 each for anyone who cares about that

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    pm sent
    wanted: Baseball rookies, football rookies, basketball rookies, and any Michael Jordan, Joe Montana 1981-1987, Walter Payton 1976-1987, Current Indians, Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger
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    If you haven't already sold them I will do 12.
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    above poster agreed to the sale... money order.... if not received by next week then I will pm you.

    Quote Originally Posted by mess0312 View Post
    If you haven't already sold them I will do 12.

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