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    Exclamation ITG Decades auto - Messier & Johnson WANTED, please HELP!!!


    Mark Messier (AMM, Oilers)

    I will pay full high BV $100 or I would appreciate any information on how to get them...

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    Good luck on the Messier...I need it too (and a few others in my sig)! I am surprised you haven't found the Johnson Hartford yet...I think I picked that up right around the start of collecting these autos. I will certainly keep an eye out for you.


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    BTW, DzEjDy bought a Gilmour auto from me on eBay a few months ago - he is a solid buyer and everyone should feel comfortable dealing with him.

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    Thanks for kind words. I really never seen Johnson Hartford card anywhere to buy. It's weird. Some cards that aren't in checklist marked as SP are in fact more difficult to find than some cards that marked are. Messier Edmonton was a some time ago on eBay for $65 BIN I think, but at the end was sold over $80 in classic auction.

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    Yes - the timing was bad for me on that one otherwise I might have been able to snag it. I would love to get ITG to reveal the print runs on a few of these, as you are correct - some non-SPs seem to be much harder to find than others.

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