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    Prices please on all Brady rookies, Josh Freeman SPA and Cutler Contenders.



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    I got rid of the mcghees and now have 2 peyton manning rookies on the way...ill upload them when theyre in if people have interest in them theyre his LRS and topps finest rookies

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    I can use the Brady Rcs. PM ME PLEASE if you see something you like. Thanks! -Ken

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    PM prices of the Brady please, Thanks

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    i sent both of you guys pms: for anybody interested the prices are this on the bradys:
    crown: sold for on ebay my price: 90 gift
    ud priemere (looks at least a bgs 9) ebay: 185ish mine for: 170 gift
    showcase ebay only bgs 9 that sold was for 200 but ungraded goes for 85ish so i dont know id take an offer
    gold reserve bgs 9: ebay one sold for 169.50 but that seems a little high id take 135 for it

    I know the prices are really up and down so im open to offers as well.. however realize Brady has a decent chance of playing in the superbowl again this year so dont try and low ball me

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