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    Steve Nash suffers fractured fibula.

    According to ESPN Lakers PG Steve Nash will miss at least a week with a small fracture in his left leg. affect do you think this will have on the 0-3 Lakers? Are they a contender this year or will they continue to struggle?

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    I watched all three games and before nash went out you could tell that this was a 38 yr old point guard who has lost a step and this injury is not going to help. It also doesn't help that the Western Conference is full of young fast point guards like Westbrook, Lillard, Curry and Paul that he has to face night in and night out. He's going to spend a lot of time in a suit and tie at the end of the bench this season. My prediction is if the Lakers aren't .500 after 20 games Mike Brown will be unemployed, the Princeton offense will never be mentioned again in LA, and the name Derek Fisher will start to surface.

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    I think the Lakers need to scrap the Princeton offense as well....when Nash is feeling well he isn't just someone who stands in the corner and waits for the ball. I think you have to put him in pick and roll situation with Gasol or Howard. They're also really bad at transition defense and when they commit 20 turnovers a game that real exposes that weakness.

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    Anything that's bad for the Lakers is good for the rest of the league.

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