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Thread: Floorboard and Miniballs

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    Floorboard and Miniballs

    just wondering what size floorboards you use, i know you can get them at home depot but what size should i make them, also ive seen people put stickers of team logos and the player on the floorboard, how do they do that

    lastly on a mini ball should i just use a black sharpie because i already have a mini ball signed by evan turner and it has began to fade

    thanks for the help

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    Hey dude,

    Can't believe no one has helped you yet. I was gonna comment yesterday, but I somehow got signed out and didn't feel like going through my old emails and finding the password. Anyways as for the floorboards most people (like myself) use 12X12 floorboards. They're like 65 cents if even. There are smaller ones, for individual players, but I have never used them, so I'm not much help there.

    As for the stickers. You can get sticker paper at pretty much any local office supply store, print out the logo or picture, then cut it out. Never done mini balls, so hopefully someone else can help you there.

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    Yeah I got D. Vitale on a mini ball. Good luck on your graphing.
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    I use blue sharpie, and print out PNG images and team logos on sticker paper, and stick them on around the graph. They come out like this (2 of my favorites)

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