I don't even know exactly how many cards I have, but I know it's over 10,000. I'm 24, so most of the cards are from the mid 80's - Early 90's, but some in the 70's. I haven't looked at them in years, but know that I had quite a few good cards that were worth good money then. To be honest, I really have no idea whats worth what anymore. I have been advised to sell them in lots, but the last thing I have time for is to sit down and sort through my cards. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of them in bulk, or wants to make me an offer, it will be much appreciated. I promise I haven't picked through them at all. LOL, I wouldn't even know what to look for anymore. I need money to move to San Diego, so make me a reasonable offer, and their yours. Thx