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    Arrow New here, looking to make a few deals!

    Just came over to SCF from Beckett where I am a Senior Member with over 100 positive deals. Check my sites and LMK if you like anything. I will respond later on tonight, thanks.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Hey man,
    I like these a lot. Vladimir Guerrero, 2005 Donruss Studio Masterstrokes Patch (#8/10) (Patch- White, Navy Blue, and Red Patch and Grey Jersey)

    Vladimir Guerrero, 2005 Donruss Zenith White Hot Patch (#10/10) (Patch- Grey, White, Navy Blue, and Red Patch & White Jersey)

    Do you know what BV you might be putting on them? They might be too high for me, if they're numbered to 10.
    Check my site. I also have a Frank Gore SP Authentic Ball/Jsy Dual Gu - I noticed you collect him.

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    I'm also interested in those same two Vlad patches... check my site.

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    andrewcstein- I am interested in your Heath Miller Autograph, what's the BV? I traded $80 BV for the Studio patch and I am looking for about the same on the Zenith Patch. LMK what we can do!

    thekingpin- Didn't really see anything, sorry.

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    I dont know the BV on the miller - its only #d to 20, and I got it from a pack. I think I want to hang on to it for another auto. i think the Vlads are probably out of my range on this - beautiful cards though.
    Are you interested in the Gore I mentioned? I dont know the BV on it, but I like some other cards off your site.

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    Harmon Killebrew, 2003 Donruss Champions Statistical Champs Jersey (#197/250) (Cream Jersey Swatch & Blue Stripe with Stitching Holes)

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    andrewcstein- Yes, I would be interested in the Gore. I would be willing to trade $15-$20 value for it. LMK what you liked from my site and maybe we can work a deal.

    bravesastros- The only thing that caught my eye was the Killer Autograph #/11.

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    That sounds good on the Gore
    I like these, don't know BV. I know we can work something out with something here:

    Frank Robinson, 2004 SP Legendary Cuts Ultimate Swatches Jersey (Multicolored Grey Jersey Swatch)
    Steve Carlton, 2005 Upper Deck Artifacts NL Artifacts Jersey (#113/350) (White Jersey Swatch, Red Stripe, & Stitching)
    Manny Ramirez, 2004 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes Jersey (White Jersey Swatch)

    i like them in that order, lmk what we can work out.

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    like this:

    Hunter Pence/Ben Zobrist, 2004 SP Prospects Draft Duos Dual Autograph (#12/275) (Both Written in Blue Ink)

    lmk about this

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    i know it's the wrong forum but..

    I need the harris bronze, jacobs auto, and eddie matthews....i also like the mcgahee dual gu

    i have a Frank Gore 05 Bowman's Best GU JSY RC 457/799 so lmk...
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