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    Epic mailday, several 1/1 cards included

    These are all ebay wins from US only auctions (I live in Germany). I have them sent to a fellow US collector and he sends me my cards every 3-4 months.

    You will see lots of old stuff e.g. 95/96 Stadium Club Matrix cards, several 97/98 Finest refractors (some /1090 and Garnett is gold /289), 99/00 Gold Label class 3, 00/01 E-X (one credential /21), 05/06 First Row (2 are /10), X-man cards (base refractor is 34/50 =jersey number), both Gaines are 1/1 and lots of new cards for my Camby collection (including a very very bad boy)

    ENJOY !!!!!

    Both Gaines are 1/1

    Bad Boy of the day

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    Hi, are you chasing the TSC Matrix?

    I have a few with some star players like garnett, oneal.

    Let me know.
    Collecting All High Odd Old School Inserts , expecially Gold, Atomic and Refractors.
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    nice cards! love the 1of1's!

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    WOW!!! Love that Camby Tag Patch/Auto!!.....sweet collection so far bud!!

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    Collecting Michael Jordan/DeAndre Jordan/ Marcus Camby @ REDSKINS!!!

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    PM me a list of TSC Matrix cards you want to trade and let me know what you are looking for.

    She said destroy in black New York

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