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    Seller selling stolen card on ebay

    Hey guys

    Got a message from Chris owner of my LCS today telling me about a stolen card of his that somebody on ebay is selling and wanted to get the word out about the scumbag. Long story short a little while ago Chris pulled an expired redemption and one of the customers that was in said he had good luck getting expired redemptions filled and would try to get it redeemed for Chris. he was successful in getting it redeemed but instead of handing the card back over to Chris he gave it to his cousin to sell on ebay.

    Here is a link to the auction of the card

    He has already reported the auction as selling stolen property and is filling out a police report tomorrow.

    Chris is a member here but doesn't frequent the site so wanted me to spread the message along and warn you about any dealings with the dirtbag selling the card. If any of you know the seller who currently has the card please message him and tell him to do the right thing.

    Sorry for the long read but it has to be put out there for others to see.


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    How can he prove it's his card it's a redemption. I doubt the cops will do anything, or eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonpop View Post
    How can he prove it's his card it's a redemption. I doubt the cops will do anything, or eBay.
    Doesn't mean we can't spread the story and give other collectors a warning about a shady seller and a crook.

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    I do have several Witness that were in the store, the day he took the redemption card from us, I also have a voice mail from him telling me this card was back from panini, and I have a witness that he told that he would be bringing this card by the store.

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    Just another example of how greedy the hobby has gotten. It is partially Chris's fault for trusting the guy and since there was no written agreement about what was to be done with redemption, there is nothing that will be done since there is no proof whatsoever. You just can't trust people anymore and that's the sad reality of life.

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    Auction is now down - perhaps he responded to the pressure? I hope it works out for you, Chris - and I hope it doesn't discourage you from trusting people in the future. Sure, we all get burned every now and then, but IMO we shouldn't all get so cynical that we can't enter into a "gentleman's agreement" with our fellow collectors. Plus, karma is a !!
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    Thanks for the heads-up. I see from looking at the seller's history that he has had numerous problems in the past that has resulted in neutral and negative feedbacks.... someone to stay away from for sure.
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    Update, after filing a police report and a small claims court lawsuit, he turned the card over.

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    Awesome to see that justice was served and it all turned out well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aandzcards View Post
    Update, after filing a police report and a small claims court lawsuit, he turned the card over.
    Good to hear. Justice has been served

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