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    How do you store your AUTO and GU cards?

    I was just wondering what everyone here does. I store all my sets in binders w/ 9 pocket pages and penny sleeves and I store all my singles of players I super-collect in top loaders or magnet cases in an 1600 count box. I would love to store my Verlander or Scherzer collection in binders so I could easily admire each card but when half my collection consists of GU's, patches and auto's I'm a little paranoid having them in a binder, I'm afraid they'll somehow get damaged. I was wondering if any of you here store autos or GU's in binders, I'd love to see suggestions and pics of your collections, thnx!

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    I really wouldn't store anything of value in a binder. Depending on how you store it the weight of the binder will (over the years) damage a portion of the cards. Binders are good for cheap sets and short term storage but I would be against recommending them for long term use.
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    That's what I kinda figured, I'm pretty sure I saw someone post a pic of their collection a while back and there were GU's and Autos in binders, I just want a way to be able to view my collection conveniently as opposed to pulling a card one at a time from a box.

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    A penny sleeve and top loader (correct sized ones) would probably be the best and simplest protection for your game used and autograph cards
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    All of my pretty looking patches and cards worth more than $20 are displayed on my desk on those card display stands. They look pretty nice actually and your LCS should have them. Everything else is in toploaders and in boxes.

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    All of the sets I collect go in sleeves. All of the inserts go in toploaders. High-end go in magnetics. The penny sleeved cards are arranged by set and card # and go into 4 row monster boxes.

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