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Thread: Card Protection question

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    Card Protection question

    Hey folks,

    I'm going to be getting a card like this soon and am unsure what kind of protection I can get for it. Two thick top loaders?

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    Nice card and it's great to see companies producing holders that allow collectors to display them.
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    Cards should defintely use protection, lest they get unwanted little cards.....

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    You can use this... Free shipping for scf members!

    I would be a little leery putting a nice card like that in a topload without a sleeve. Possibility of scratching it up! Still waiting to see which manufacturer is going to make a sleeve for booklet cards (if they ever do) The topload is a good idea, but without a sleeve I wouldnt use one.
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    I hear you on that, thanks for the links and information.

    Hey JerseyCoast, I've made a few orders from you guys, how do I get the discount!! :) You already have the best prices!

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    If you already ordered from us the discount is automatic. If not, I have to set you up with a code.


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    Great, just let me know the process, I'd like to sign up.

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