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    Mid-Highend Autos FT Suh Gronk Locker Bradford Gabbert Newton Julio CJ Vick Jennings

    Looking to trade these towards nice star autos in baseball or football. Willing to trade some cards towards multiples in my favor depending on how many cards I take. I trade by BV if thats an issue please don't post/send offers.

    Sam Bradford 2x Jsy Auto

    Locker Auto RC

    Locker Auto RC

    Julio Jumbo Patch Auto

    Chris Johnson Auto jsy RC

    Mallett/Kapernick Dual Auto /25

    Locker Contenders Auto RC

    Cam Newton 2x Jersey Auto

    Torrey Smith SPA

    Ponder Auto Patch RC

    Cam Newton Quad Jsy Auto RC

    Eli Manning /Holmes Auto /25

    Dalton Auto RC

    Gabbert Patch Auto RC

    Gabbert Auto RC Cont

    Alex Green Patch Auto RC

    Alex Green Auto Patch RC

    Torrey Smith Auto Jsy RC /25

    Mark Ingram Auto Patch RC

    Von Miller Cont Auto RC

    Cam Newton Cont Auto RC

    Cam Newton 2x Patch RC

    Cam Newton Auto RC

    Vick Auto

    Theissman Auto

    Suh Auto Patch RC

    Suh Cont Auto

    Sam Bradford Auto RC

    Gronkowski Jumbo Patch Auto RC

    Braun/Holliday/Pence 1/1

    Darvish Auto RC

    Braun Auto RC BGS 9.5

    Votto Auto RC

    Mike Schmidt SS Auto

    Josh Hamilton Auto Jersey

    Joe Dimaggio Jsy

    Trumbo Auto

    Ellsbury Auto Jsy RC

    Pedroia Auto Jsy RC

    David Wright Jsy Auto /20

    Ted Williams Jsy /50
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    I like this one, please cmb. check my pc as well, some might be available for this.

    Braun Auto RC BGS 9.5

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    Cam Newton Certified 2x Jersey Auto is gone. Anyone else?

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    Cam Newton Contenders Auto (Still have another one I might move), Von Miller Contenders Auto, Peyton Manning 3x Jersey Auto, Jimmy Graham 4x Jersey Auto, and the Aroldis Chapman Auto are gone. Anyone else?

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    cmb for the david wright jsy/auto. thanks

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