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    i reported it to ebay
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    Wow this is sick... the card looked not legit from the start so now we know what crooks are out there... sad.
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    Wow, defiantly a fake, I have autos for all of those players and they are no where near close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reoddai View Post
    This is not a legit card. Someone contact a UD representative and it was confirmed that this card (along with a few others) were serial numbered and produced by UD but WHERE NOT SIGNED by the players. Someone in Cali got them (stole?) from UD, forged the autos and tried to sell them.

    Hope that this helps.

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    I have seen enough Beliveau autos to know this definitely cannot be one of his autos. Beliveau has one of the neatest and clearest signatures of any hockey player out there that I know of.
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    Upper Deck and the seller (who is a member here) are working on some sort of investigation into the matter that will hopefully bring about a resolution. It is bizarre that UD didn't make some sort of public disclosure about the problem because let's face it, this is a pretty awesome high-dollar card.
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    This thread is concluded ... I have spoke with the original consignor and the owner ... as best as I can tell. They are validating the card through UD ... and by all appearances have pulled the card and understand the situation ... thus there does not appear to be an intent to put anyone at risk to buy the card ... in the end someone will be left holding the bag from the original and alleged perpetrator. THank you for everyones input ... it all helps to demonstrate the SCF community position on such matters and encourages collectors, sellers and even buyers to be professional.

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    I'm the owner of the card, it was included in my recently purchased card collection. I own plenty of Beliveau autos, and this one seemed off from the start, but i never knew there was a story with it. Hopefully something gets worked out, money was exchanged for me to own it, not sure where the person i bought the collection off of got it, but it sucks to know something like that can even happen. Hopefully nothing else i own falls in the same category as this piece. Thanks everyone for bringing light to this situation and not auto assuming we are crooks lol.

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    Of all the good guys this could happen to ... I am very sorry to hear ... you have been great to deal with in the past ... sure wish it was real and I was buying it from you!!

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