View Poll Results: Who wins the NFL offensive rookie of the year?

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  • Doug Martin

    9 36.00%
  • Andrew Luck

    9 36.00%
  • Robert Griffin III

    2 8.00%
  • Other

    5 20.00%
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    He's my pick (Wilson), if Seattle gets in. Although if Colts get in pretty sure its Luck.

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    This is obviously still a little early to say, but:

    Based on a per game average, after 16 games their final stats should look something like this...

    Luck - 56% completion, 4800 yards, 20 TD, 16 INT, 300 yards rushing, 6 rushing TDs, 12 fumbles
    RG3 - 65% completion, 4000 yards, 16 TD, 6 INT, 1100 yards rushing, 12 rushing TDs, 16 fumbles
    Wilson - 62% completion, 3300 yards, 26 TDs, 16 INTs, 300 yards rushing, 0 rushing TDs, 6 fumbles
    Martin - 1600 yards, 14 TDs, 40 catches, 500 yards receiving, 2 receiving TDs, 0 fumbles

    At their current pace Luck will finish top 5 in yards but not be top 10 in TDs or completion percentage, RG3 will be top 5 in combined yards passing and rushing (although that isn't an actual stat) but not top 10 in passing yards or TDs, and Wilson will be top 10 in TDs but not top 10 in yards. I voted Martin for one simple reason, at his current pace he could possibly end up leading the NFL in both rushing yards and rushing TDs. He is currently 3rd in rushing yards, 2nd in rushing TDs, 2nd in yards per carry average (of RBs with 100+ carries), tied for 2nd in rushing/receiving TDs and is just 68 yards short of leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage.

    Another factor for me, Wilson and Luck are currently top 10 in INTs, RG3 is top 10 in times sacked and tied for 2nd in fumbles. The one negative stat that a RB can have is fumbles and Martin has 0 in 174 touches.

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    This award will obviously go to Luck because that is what the NFL wants. I would like to see Doug Martin stay healthy and have a chance at getting to 1,500+ yards and if Tampa Bay can get a few wins down the stretch, that will certainly help his chances at possibly stealing the award.

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    My unbiased opinion is Luck. His team was 1-15 last year? What a turn around for the Colts. He's proving why he's the number one draft pick.

    As much as I love Wilson, the game plan isn't based around Wilson it's around defense and Skittles. Like the offense he played at Wisconsin the running game get's a lot of looks and he doesn't get a lot of options compared to other QBs. When he does pass he always seems to make big plays. That long ball during the Patriots game, thing of beauty.

    I'm not sold on Dough Martin yet. As a Bronco fan I know just how bad the Raiders are at everything, so scorching them on the ground isn't impressive to me.:D

    I think for Wilson to win RoY and pass Luck, he needs to prove he can win on the road, and put his team in the playoffs, or win at least two more games then the Colts.

    What a fun year of rookies though!

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