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    LF: Matt Ryan Autos, patches and short prints!

    Still looking for Matt Ryan stuff for my pc. I have plenty of mid end stuff in my bucket so that will rule out some of the higher end stuff but that's ok for now. Besides autos, I like multi-color patches and short prints, refractors and the like. Take a look at my bucket and let me know if you see anything that you like.

    Right now I am only trading. If you have higher end stuff that you are looking to move, I can't afford to buy right now so we can save some time there. Let me know what you like and hopefully we can work something out.


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    Looking for anything patch, auto or sp wise that I don't already have! Let me know what you have and what you like or are looking for and lets do some trading!


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    bump it up! I am still building a Matty Ice pc too! Anything special out there for trade today? I am not working on base or insert cards for Ryan unless they are short print parallel's. I am mainly looking for SP multi-color patches autos. LMK if you have anything for trade and if you like anything in my bucket! I have a lot of traders and I am waiting on any and all and all offers to get something going!!



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