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    A bit overwhelmed at the moment with cards and nostalgia.

    So, my parents divorced when I was 7. I collected football cards since I was 8, and I left them in the closet at my mom's house. When I was 13, she had a stroke and was forced to live in a hospital. I was never able to go back to that house before it was pillaged and raped of everything therein, including my cards. Hundreds if not thousands of cards. I never really got over this and was so mad at my grandma for letting people just go in and take my stuff. This was in 1998.

    Well today, guess what, my stepmom tells my dad, "Hey, I found a notebook full of football cards." He brought it over and said, "Hey guess what we found." I just about pooped my pants I was so excited. Flipping through all of the pages, none of these cards are worth a ton of money, but some I checked were in the $4-8 range and a few may be in the $30-40 range. The problem is, I have no idea what to do with them. How could I go about selling a binder full of cards from '91-98?

    Would anyone be interested in a bulk purchase like that or should I just hang onto the few that are worth something? Most of them are worth like 15 cents but overall the whole binder would probably add up to over $100. I just don't know what to do now that I have all of these cards and they're all in really good condition.

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    its always great to find cards or have them given to you. Sorry to hear about the sour taste in your mouth when thinking of them.
    As for the resale. Unless they are good rookies there isnt much of a market for base. I sell mine at a local show for 10 cents each no matter the player. I sell them all day long at that price. You may be in a place where unless someone wants the lot you wont get much for them. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unless its a killer patch or an auto it just doesnt demand alot.

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    Well it looks like the only ones worth more than 10-15 cents are:
    Skybox 1998 Metal Universe (LOTS of these)
    1998 Topps Gridiron Gods (Lots of these too)
    Some 1998 Skybox "one for the ages" cards
    Skybox autographics Ray Crockett 17/50
    A few neat cards of Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, Elway, Favre, Marcus Allen, Tim Brown, Aikman, Marino, Moss, and Manning. From 91-98
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    Keep the cards. The sentimental value of the cards should far surpass any amount of money you can get for them since there is next to no market for cards from the 1990s unless you have autos or they're graded.

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    Your best bet is to get an account on and list them there. Set builders will be your target market. Listing them on eBay will not result in much. Most of the Skybox stuff became null and void after the company went under. Topps inserts are mass produced and not hard to find. The Crockett auto will bring the most but even at that will probably sell for under $10 unless a couple of crazy Broncos collectors have been waiting for that one card and get in a bidding war over it.

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    Lol, I didn't even know Skybox is gone, is that bad? :P Why would their cards be worth less just because the company is gone? That doesn't really apply to anything else.

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    Lots of solid advice on here.

    If you are interested in selling, I am interested in the Crockett auto!!

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    I recently was wondering what to do with all of my cards from that era too that I had collecting dust in my basement. I decided to just give them all (in total over 30k cards) to my nephew to help jump start his collection. Felt pretty good and I still got to keep all of the players/teams that I wanted without all the extra clutter lol.

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    Sorry to hear about your Mom and the way your grandparent's handled it.

    If you have a bunch of Herman Moore's I might need them.
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