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    I need hard plastic sleeve/case things...

    Where do people get these nowadays? Do people still use the hard plastic cases that hold together with a screw? I need a bunch of these or something else that will protect standard cards better than floppy sleeves. I can't seem to find anything like this on google. Any help would be appreciated. :D

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    Check out the magnetic hard plastic cases. Similar to the screw-downs...just uses a magnet instead of the screw.

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    Are these good?

    I don't know what these "points" mean for card sizes I keep seeing, I just have standard cards.

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    The points mean the thickness of the card. Having standard cards, do you mean the regular thickness of a 16th of an inch or so?

    And yes, I like those card holders.

    Here Are the Most Common Available Sizes:
    35 Point- This is the most popular and common size. It will fit anything from a base Topps Card to a Topps Chrome card.
    55 Point-These are for cards that are a tad thicker than Topps Chrome. They are primarily used for thick stock base cards and the thinnest relic cards.
    80 Point- These are the rarest and least used magnet cases, for whatever reason cards are usually to small or big for these.
    100 Point- These fit your standard high-end relic cards. I find that SP Authentic and Triple Threads Patch Autos fit perfectly in these. In my opinion, a snug fit is always better than a loose one.
    130 Point- These are for the extremely thick Jersey Cards. Thick Jersey Cards usually contain a "patch" rather than a "swatch". A "patch" is a thick jersey piece that contains a multi-layered part of a jersey, such as a piece of the number portion of the jersey.
    180 Point- These are for the thickest Jersey Cards. Basically, if you pull the thickest card you've ever seen, this is probably the case for that card.

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    I have seen them at 240 and 360. I am guessing some of these Sweet Spot autos and such are the thicker cards. But yes, the point (PT.) means the thickness. I personally don't like magnets. But I do like screwdowns.

    I use the 1/2 inch screwdowns on my nicer, higher $$$ vintage stuff and I use the screwdowns for pretty much anything modern that is over $50. I use top loaders for anything from $5-$49. Hope this helps.
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    I have a guide on my website that will help you determine what size holder you need. Here is the link.. Just scroll down the page. I also sell them :winking0071:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ensley03 View Post
    ok well I kind of like my 1 screws...should I get these for regular cards??
    Nobody uses the screws anymore. google "Ulta Pro One-Touch" and use the "pt" scale provided above and you will find what you need

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    I highly recommend buying from Jersey Coast Collectibles. I've bought a bunch of stuff from them and they have excellent customer service.

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