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    My Packer Man Cave - still working on a few things but some pics

    Hey guys

    In the process of putting things up and decorating my packers room. Thought I'd share a few pics, keep in mind the room is only about 14'x14' but wifey is nice enough to give me my own room. Also still have a bunch of stuff to put up and tweak a bit, but it's under way

    Comments and suggestions welcome

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    Looking good
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    I had the same suggestion about painting the walls. If not the full room 1ft streak horizonally from corner to corner. Maybe one side green with a small gold strip on the top and the bottom and then switch it around on the other wall. All it would take is a steady hand to tape it and less than a gallon of paint

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    An update

    New loveseat with Packer Pillows

    This wall is almost finished

    I will update shortly as I have a few more things to hang and add

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