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    trying to make decent trades on here is like pulling teeth....

    people literally want your teeth for their stuff! ya offer $300 over value for something and they always want more!! more!! more!! come back to reality folks. bryce harper isnt the next coming of willie mays! nor is yu darvish, mike trout, paul goldschmidt, or anyone else! when ya offer already proven hall of famers for "who knows what they'll do" rookies and get this "i want the world" attitude is just out of bounds. what has this hobby come to? oh i know PROFITIERS!

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    What are you wanting in trade and what do you have too trade?
    trading by BV or SV?

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    i hear ya man. i have offered hundreds of dollars in favor for other peoples cards and it seems it's not enough. and after we go back and forth for days they finally say oh well i just don't want to trade it that is why, yet they are the ones who posted a trade thread with that card available... if i have no problem trading in someone's favor if it is for my pc/helping them out, but then when it comes to the flip side it's like the end of the world if it isn't in their favor...

    if i have a card that i don't wanna trade i tell them straight up, i don't drag it out to see how much i can make this guy trade in my favor for it...if im gunna trade a card im gunna be fair about it

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    For the record, you seem to dismiss the possibility that you have a habit of undervaluing the items you're seeking to acquire.

    I've been trading here for close to 10 years now, and I can attest it's not infrequent for somebody to offer me $100 for a $200 item, and then call me unreasonable when I refuse.

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    Part of the hobby these days - people are trying to flip for a quick buck and are REALLY bad at it for the most part. The smart ones don't open new product either :)

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    Some Noob nonce over on the Hockey Site last month was doing this:

    99-00 UD Steve Yzerman 6th Sense Insert - BV - $5.00 Trade Value - $7.00

    I did everything I could to run his Punkarse off the site, including cussing him out twice on his thread.

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    It's really sad that the hobby has changed into this ugly "thing". I wish we traded based on who we liked and not by how much it's worth. Too many people that start this as a hobby and later on try to turn it into a profit machine, ruining the hobby for a lot of us.

    I've also tried to trade in the other members' favor just as some of you have done. I almost ALWAYS do or try to. They always want more even after you've given them more. I've had one experience where we were PMing back and forth, I offered $50 extra in value to him, and he said that he didn't want to deal with me because I was never really interested in trading and only wanted to mess with him. Made me so mad when I offered more in his favor. I was only $10 in his favor at first, that's how I try and get the deal going, and he refused so I bumped it up to $50 and he refused. Some people...

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Some Noob nonce over on the Hockey Site last month was doing this:

    99-00 UD Steve Yzerman 6th Sense Insert - BV - $5.00 Trade Value - $7.00

    I did everything I could to run his Punkarse off the site, including cussing him out twice on his thread.
    Why? It's his card, if you don't like his terms ignore him. I might not agree with his terms but if I saw someone cussing him out I'd have two people not to deal with.

    I agree with MarcMax and I've said it many times. "value" has changed this hobby. It hasn't ruined it it has just changed it. Gone are the days when a Brown's fan would trade his Andrew Luck RC to a Colts fan for a Brandon Weedon RC straight up because the the Luck is "worth' more. I know a few people might do it with base cards but if its anything more than that its "what else are you going to throw in" I understand it all. I mean If you have a card you could sell for say $100.00 why would you trade it for one you could only sell for $50.00. If you were smart you would sell it for $100.00, buy the other one for $50.00 have your card and pocket $50.00 on top of it but that is buying and selling. If you are talking trading a card you don't want for a card that you will never get rid of (theoretically, which is another problem that I won't go into here) I don't see the big deal.

    I have no problem trading in the other guys favor and I know a lot of people don't but its becoming much harder to find someone who does. I know some people feel guilty if a trade is in their favor but I say as long as you don't make it a point for it always to be in your favor it will even out.

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    When I trade I try to be as fair and reasonable as possible and try to avoid gouging anyone. However some people if they don't have their way will throw temper tantrums. I just use the ignore button and keep things moving.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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