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    12/13 OPC League Leaders Question

    I thought I had read somewhere that this insert set was a Canadian Tire exclusive and would be available in Blaster Boxes only.

    I have noticed 3 of them listed on Ebay at a BIN of $49.99 and the seller stated that they are a SP of approx 1 in 2 cases of hobby boxes.

    Has any of the Canadian collectors seen the Cdn Tire blaster boxes at there local store? I checked here and they wont have them till mid Oct.

    Has anyone seen them pulled from a Hobby Box?
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    I have yet to see any of these exclusive blaster boxes, but I've opened about 1.33 cases yet and I haven't pulled any League Leaders either. I personally would trust Upper Deck's release statement much more than some dude on eBay flipping cards for 50$ a piece.

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    ive seen a few of the "save %" version sell and all have been over $30. was wondering why they are going for so much. hopefully more of these get posted and i can get 1 for a reasonable price

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    Nope 3 Canadian Tires in my area and the managers don't even know anything about OPC 2012-13 as they never carried hockey cards. Shoppers Drug mart just got a shipment of 2012-13 OPC Blasters thou

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    The blasters at Shoopers Drugs do have the inserts in them. Our local Cdn Tire store received the blasters this past week. I got 2 of the boxes and ended up with 3 of the inserts.

    The manager here didnt now about them either till he phoned Cdn Tire Central.
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    I just wrote Canadian Tire an email asking if they could provide me with a list of participating stores in my area, I can't wait to see what their reply will be.

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    The Canadian Tire customer service team got back to me early this afternoon (on a Saturday !!!), and provided me with a list of stores in my area that carry their exclusive blaster boxes with the League Leaders inserts in them. I suggest you do the same to know which stores have them in your area, they got back to me really quickly so it's well worth your time if you ask me. Good hunt, everyone!

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    $13.49 plus H-aych ST at Shoppers Drug Mart gets you a 10-pack 60-card box. The jerks on eBay trying to get big money for the League Leaders and Gold Legends inserts are just............jerks.

    I got these!

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    I bought a blaster box from Canadian Tire a few weeks ago and pulled 2 LL cards as well. I'll have to see which ones they were.

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    Got the last 2 boxes at the local store and got 4 League leaders of which I needed 1. Unfortunately the store is not getting anymore in. My daughter works at a Cdn Tire store in Ont and they only got 6 boxes and will not be ordering anymore. This makes me wonder if there is a limited amount of these boxes available to Cdn Tire?

    Ref the Gold Legends I read somewhere that they were in rack packs only. I have bought a dozen of these and not seen a single one. Have only seen a few on Ebay.
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