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Thread: How do YOU store your PC?

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    How do YOU store your PC?

    Looking for a fairly easy and organized way to store my PC cards, so I just thought that I'd kind of like to see how all of you store your "PC" cards.
    Looking forward to seeing the responses :)

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    I keep the few sets I collect in binders w/ penny sleeves in UltrPro 9-pocket-pages, all the extras are stored in 650 count boxes, I keep my singles and super-collecting cards in penny sleeves and top loaders (Magnet cases for some of the pricier and auto cards) and I store them all in 1600 count boxes.

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    Stacks of toploaders about a foot high... for a total of about 3 cubic feet of plastic :)
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    LOL that sounds a little bit like what I've got going on :)

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    I store my PC in a white cardobard box (shoe box as some refer it too). The ones I have are 2 columns though there are one with 4. Only problem is that when I put the nicer/rarer cards in a one touch, the lid doesn't fit all the way (I do have a "Graded" cardboard box but after talking to many LCS' they seem to be few and gone.)
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    I use a customized box that I made into a card box with three rows to hold my player PC (since it be too heavy and bulky if I toploaded and/or used one-touch for every card). Got a team PC in several boxes filled in toploaders and one-touch. Graded and ITG-encased in a separate box. Other valuable cards in toploaders or one-touch in a desk drawer. Shelving units with many levels helps.
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    I bought a small fireproof safe, cards in screwdowns in team bags. Call me paranoid.

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    Haha thanks for the great responses so far!

    Excited to hear more :)

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    Primarily binders. I've been making labels for my player pc's and designating a spot for each card. Makes it easier to track what I need.
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